Sunday, 14 November 2010

Occupation has a proud history

I thought that Fiona Phillips hit the nail on the head in Saturday 13th November's Daily Mirror regarding the student protest and the turmoil to come. Have  a look at it :

In today's Observer students are set to begin a 'viral' campign to change the law to be able to recall MP's who tell lies and behave contrary to their promises if 10% of constituents  sign a petition to demand this. I like the sound of this. Great to see students being radicalised in this fashion. I have to say that sit in's and occupations hava  long tradition in the trade union movement. I led my first sit in over unfeasible rises in Hall Fees when I first went to university back in the late 70's and many trade unionists have used this tool to great effect ever since.

Among the targets will be Nick Clegg's Sheffield Hallam seatand Don Foster's seat in Bath as well as David Laws in Yeovil (where the Government this week invested £32 million in the AgustaWesland helicopter plant after refusing Sheffield Forgemasters an £80million loan)

I will say now, that I totally abjure and condemn violence in any context of industrial struggle. peaceful occupation and protest is the only way of securing any objective.

Been to visit my 82 year olf mum today. Bless her, she has Alzhiemer's but is living independently with support. How long it will continue though is anyone's guess. She's on Aricept to control it and some days she is more upbeat and less depressed than others. Today was a good day. Also my wife Carol had a knee operation to relieve 5 years of cartilage pain and after successful keyhole surgery she is back on her feet and pain free. Shame we had to have it done privately after an NHS cock-up which would have condemned her to 9 more weeks of pain.

Great to see the release this week of democracy hero Aung San San Suu Kyi by the Burmese Junta after her 7 year house arrest. Let's hope the military dictators can be shown the door by the people of Burma.

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